Chers visiteurs francophones, la biographie de John Kiser et certaines de ses interviews sont disponibles en français.

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Critical Praise

Pulitzer Prize winner William W. Warner calls John Kiser’s newest book, The Monks of Tibhirine, “...a must read shocker for those unaware of recent Algerian history. ...beautifully written.”

William W. Warner, Pulitzer Prize winner, Beautiful Swimmers


This book is not the first written about the monks of Tibhirine... but it could well be the best among all those written in any language so far.

Gilles Nicolas, Priest in Diocese of Algiers


"Couldn't be more timely. A fascinating tale of Trappist monks swept up in a story of militant Islam."

Leslie Cockburn, Producer, 60 Minutes


"An extraordinary and uncannily timed book about real modern martyrs as opposed to the current vulgar variant. A tragic story, thoroughly reported and beautifully rendered with compassion and grit."

Christopher Buckley, Author, The White House Mess


“Kiser builds up the drama leading to the monks death with the skill of a novelist... His painstaking characterization of each monk makes this an incredibly emotional story.”


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The Monks of Tibhirine by John W. Kiser IIILes Moines de Tibhirine by John W. Kiser III

The Monks of Tibhirine is the true story of Christians willing to die serving a Muslim flock during the political nightmare that unfolds in Algeria during the 1990s. The decapitation of seven French Trappists kidnapped from their monastery in the village of Tibhirine provides the thread for this real life drama of sacrificial love-of Christians who put their lives at risk for their Muslim friends, and Muslims who risk death for Christians.

“It was like our Bible,” said Xavier Beauvois, producer of the film Of Gods and Men from Sony Classics, which opened in New York February 25, 2011.

Trailer for Of Gods and Men from Sony Classics

Of Gods and Men Release Schedule

A follow-on book to the Monks of Tibhirine is now available. Commander of the Faithful: Life and Times of Emir Abd el-Kader (Monkfish Books) is the story of a Muslim monk (Sufi) who led the resistance against the French occupation of Algeria that began in 1830. See

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